Game name:  RoboCop

Manufacturer: Data East / Nihon Bussan with Ocean Software license

Year of development: 1988

Category: Side scroller / beat 'em up

Info Plataforma hardware:

  • Main CPU: MC68000-10
  • Secondary CPU: 6502A
  • Video Resolution: Landscape orientation 456 x 336
  • CTR: 256 colors

Main developers: Data East / Nihon Bussan

Music composers: Hiroaki Yoshida, Hitomi Komatsu and Hiroyuki.


History of development:

RoboCop was licensed by the British company Ocean Software in 1988 (which was making the video game for home versions) and developed and published by Data East and Nihon Bussan as an arcade machine. This time, game was born from a computer game development company, instead of how it had been done until now. For that reason the machine has an Ocean license credit.

Being quite popular, RoboCop was followed by several sequels (most of them run by Ocean), including RoboCop 2, Robocop 3, and Robocop vs. Terminator, although the latter was never released on arcade machines.

The side arts are similar to the movie poster, and the screen frame contains many still images from movie. The dedicated top header is a conversion from an original Bad Dudes Vs. machine Dragon Ninja.

Game overview:

A player controls RoboCop, which progresses through various stages that are straight out of the 1987 eponymous movie. The bonus screen is a target shooting that uses a first-person perspective. Intermediaries have digitized voices of actors.

The game manages to capture the spirit of the RoboCop movie to a certain extent, as it involves killing generic criminals and enemy bosses, such as the dangerous ED-209.


Title theme of Robocop video game (specifically Game Boy version) was also used as music for a series of television commercials by the European kitchen appliance company Ariston.



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