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Game name: Arkanoid        

Manufacturer: Taito

Year of development: 1986

Category: Breakout

Hardware Platform Info:

  • Main CPU Z80 @ 6Mhz.
  • Accessory CPU M60705 @ 750Khz.
  • Sound Chip: AY8910 @ 1.5Mhz.

Main developer: Akira Fujita

Music composer: Hisayoshi Ogura


History of development:

The game is inspired by Atari's 1976 Breakout and the performance is exactly the same. Taito added different types of bricks and aesthetics more in line with the era and capabilities of the machines of the time. Like the original Breakout, we have a spinner to control our ship to which Taito added a fire button.

Game Overview:

As the beginning of the game reads “The era and time of this story is unknown. After the mothership "Arkanoid" was destroyed, a spacecraft "Vaus" scrambled away from it, but only to be trapped in space by someone..."

It is an arcade of simple mechanics that consists of 33 screens, in which we must go destroying bricks with a ball that we bounce in our ship Vaus, to pass to the next level. In the final screen, the number 33, we face Doh, the last enemy of the game. For all this voyage we can find, throughout the game, different power-ups that will provide both the ship and the ball with different capabilities, making much more fun and disparate games.


Such was the fever of this game "crushes bricks" that the saga was finally composed of four games. Arkanoid (1986), Tournament Arkanoid and Revenge Of Doth (1987 both) and Arkanoid Returns (1997).

It was migrated to a multitude of platforms and is still a much appreciated and played game.



Information on the location and purchase of the Vintage Arcade Machine:

Acquired by José Mª Litarte on 1 June 2015 from Paul "Magical" Jammaplus, from Winslow, England. Dave was in charge of picking it up and bringing it to the Association.

Information about the restoration process or repairs carried out:

Restored by Rafael Alonso at Arcade Vintage. Review of tensions provided by the power supply, which were incorrect.

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