Golden Axe


Game Name: Golden Axe

Manufacturer: Sega

Year of development: 1989

Category: Beat 'em up

Hardware Platform Info: Called Sega System 16B and also used in other titles such as Altered Beast, Dynamite Düx or E-Swat. Motorola 68000 Main CPU @ 10 MHz

  • Main CPU: MC68000 @ 10 MHz + I8751 @ 8 MHz
  • Sound CPU: Z80 @ 5 Mhz
  • Sound chip: YM2151 @ 4MHz and Nec uPD7759 @ 640 kHz
  • Video Resolution: 320 x 224 pixels
  • Display Colors: 4096

Main developers: Makota Uchida & Shinobi Team (Sega Am1)

Music composers: Tohru Nakabayashi


History of development:

Makota Uchida faced his second game for Sega, Golden Axe, after finishing with remarkable success Altered Beast. His intention was to create a game whose dynamics were similar to the game that at the time created a furor in arcades, the Double Dragon by Technos. But Uchida knew that he would not be able to compete if he did the same, since Technos was an experienced rival who had been working on the Kunio-Kun series. So it occurred to him to combine the dynamics of Double Dragon with theme that was sweeping consoles in Dragon Quest game created by Enix. In this way he studied the universe of sword and witchcraft, combined it with Double Dragon street fights and thus Golden Axe was born.

General description of the game:

The history of the game places us in the kingdom of Yuria, where evil Death Adder has installed terror after stealing the golden axe that gives great power to whoever possesses it, in addition to taking the King and his daughter the princess prisoner. By razing towns in the region, Death Adder's troops killed the mother of a barbarian named Ax-Battler, the parents of the Amazon Tyris Flare and the brother of the dwarf Gilius Thunderhead. Moved by the thirst for revenge, these three characters will join forces to defeat Death Adder, recover in a golden axe and rescue the King and his daughter the princess.

At the beginning of the game we can select one of three characters, each with different characteristics. The dwarf is very strong but his magic is weak. The Amazon does not have as much physical strength but her magic is the most powerful, while barbarian is the most balanced since both her strength and her magic have an intermediate level.

In "two player" mode, each can choose their character. The mechanics of game is simple: it consists of advancing eliminating all the enemies that appear in our path. Some of them ride on a mount, which we can snatch from them and use ourselves. These are the Blue Dragon, which launches a short-range fire flare, the Red Dragon, which launches long-range fireballs, and the Cocatriz, a strange biped, wingless, bird-headed creature that strikes with its mighty tail.

Sometimes some elves appear that we can hit to steal some magic potions that will increase the power of our magic. The more potions we have, the more deadly effect of our magic will be.


The Cocatriz (nicknamed Chicken Leg in English) is a character that appeared as an enemy in Altered Beast.

Some digitized voices of game were taken from highly successful films at the time such as Rambo (Cornered), Commando or Conan the Barbarian.



Information about the location and purchase by Arcade Vintage:

Machine purchased June 2018 at Coin Op Wharehouse, Maryland, USA. Imported into the second container in December of the same year.

Information on the restoration process or repairs carried out:

After adapting a 220v transformer and making necessary adjustments to the monitor and control panel, the machine works perfectly.

Pending repairs or restorations:

The picture tube is badly burned with another set, so it would have to be replaced.