Moon Cresta


Game name: Moon Cresta

Manufacturer: Nichibutsu / Taito Corporation

Year of development: 1980

Category: Shoot'em up

Hardware Platform Info:

  • Processor: Z80 (@ 3.072 MHz)
  • Plate: Sega Z80 (modified version of Namco's Galaxian plate)
  • Audio: Custom
  • Resolution: 224 x 256 (98 colors)

Main developer: Shigeki Fujiwara

Music Composers: N/A


History of development:

The game was developed by the Japanese company Nichibutsu and licensed for distribution in North America to Century and in Europe by Sega / Gremlin.

General description of the game:

Shoot 'em Up inspired by successes of the time as Galaxian or Space Invaders in which is handled a small ship, equipped with a laser cannon, which can be improved throughout the game with two extensions of it. It has the mission of destroying everything that appears on screen.

One of the most striking features of the game is the process of assembling the different stages of the ship that we must do between phases. By assembling several parts (up to 3), we will have greater attack capacity, but we will also be an easier target for our enemies.


In the U.S. is known as Eagle and was licensed for its manufacture by Centuri.

It has three clones:

  • Fantazia.
  • Super Moon Cresta, where you can shoot faster, but the enemy throw bombs at us.
  • Mars Invader.

This is one of the first arcade machines with intermediate levels to include, as playable, the assembly of the ship.

It has a sequel called Terra Cresta.

This arcade also has a cocktail furniture.

Domestic versions were made for SNES (Nichibutsu Arcade Classics), PlayStation 2 (Oretachi Geasen Zoku Sono 5 - Moon Cresta), Amstrad CPC, Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Sharp X68000 consoles.

The official game record is 152,100 points.



Information about the location and purchase by Arcade Vintage:

Acquired by José Mª Litarte. It was one of the first machines to arrive in 2013. It was bought from his friend Kevin Pitt in Brighton (England). Dave "smuggler" took care of the transport to our association.

Information about the restoration process or repairs carried out:

This machine was running when it was purchased, only minor adjustments were made to the monitor and power supply in 2013.

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